Saturday, 2 May 2015

Untold Loging


im in lost.with all the hectic life,and all the others emotionally problems dont go well.sampai bila nak berlari,lari dari masalah...sampai bila nak sembunyikan diri.i dont know.i just dont have the confidence to face all the problems yet.i wanna try to face it,but im just scared that it'll hurt me so bad till the point that i cant be able to stand up.until i can barely breathing.i might look strong,but who knows how much i cry in my sleep.

I need to protect myself,my heart sorry if the fact that im running away make you feel guilty,i just dont mean it.n i know you all the pain,you dont mean it.even if you dont mean it,it hurts me a also sorry for all the pain i gave you.

in front of me,i have two different choices that i dont really like both of it;running away till all this crazy stuff end,and only after that i face our problem,or face the problem now,n i might tear apart,fall onto the ground,not being able to do any work,living my life like a living corpse.

because i need to protect myself,ive choose the first choice.but im afraid,by that time.

as im too afraid of losing him...

''Does it hurt because of loving you?
Is it the punishment for loving you so much?
Even though you say that I will not lose everything
It's okay if I just have you to be with me

Even if my heart is broken when loving you
Even if my heart is separated when waiting for you
It's okay because I love you
It's okay even if I get hurt''
dan perlukah aku lari lagi bila sampai masa waktu dan ketikanya???

Jauh terbawa lukisan hatimu
Warna pelangi hiasan terindah
Hati ini tak akan terbahagi..
Sampai harusku pergi....[potret]

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