Monday, 14 March 2016


Again today, in an empty room
I hear the lonely clock hands
Another meaningless day is passing
Even smiling feels awkward now
Everything in vain
What do I do? What do I do?
My heart trusted you so much 
my heart sunk Its still in pain
Because I trusted you more than anyone else
Thats must be why the scars are even bigger
In front of the mirror, do you see yourself?
You might pretend everything is alright,But I'll remember
I cared for you more than anyone else
It hurts so much, what do I do? no
I must seem alright without you
I’m doing well, as if I’m happy
People around me ask about you
I don’t know but I’m sure you’re doing well too
I took off all the dirty clothes
Finally I know what’s me
I’m finally starting a bright tomorrow

I guess that’s how distant we were
Now I feel your heart
You and I resembled each other more than anyone
That’s why the scars are bigger
I laugh like a crazy person
Then I pretend like everything alright again
Another day passes like that
People say I look sad
Even when I pretend that everything alright
But I guess I can’t hide my heart because of my sad eyes
I’ll forget little by little with each day
But my heart still hurts, what do I do?
I'm alright without you....

Melalui fasa kehidupan sekarang ini membuatkan aku teringat apa yang dikatakan oleh kawan. Tengok dua tahun lepas, dan tengok mana kita sekarang. Tengok banyak mana kita berubah dan tengok macam mana kehidupan kita. Ya betul kawan. Aku akui itu

kekniss: Senyuman dibalik cermin tu pelik.

p/s: sheeeshhh..tisuu. mbaq punye lagu kali ni macam choi. This is song not telling us bout a girl semata. But about somebody we really care.maybe kawan baik. Kekasih atau siapa sahaja..untuk mereka yang faham erti kehilangan..untuk mereka yang faham erti kesakitan menahan.untuk mereka yang faham bagaimana terpaksa walking through the door without them.

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